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StorHouse offers both indoor and outdoor storage for your RV, boat, or other vehicle.  

We offer two ways to store INDOOR – private units or valet service.  The private units have door heights of 16 to 18 feet tall and lengths vary to as long as 78 feet.  Widths also vary to a maximum width of 22 feet.  

The valet service offers the same clean and secure environment as the private units at a reduced price since the unit is shared by others.  StorHouse employees have access to these units – not the tenants – thus the reduced pricing.  The Boats and RVs are staged for pickup/return at the request of the owners.

Our OUTDOOR storage is secure and affordable, perfect for home owners and renters alike that need a safe and legal place to store their vehicle, trailers, etc.


StorHouse can easily accommodate, cars, motorcycles, jet skis and similar vehicles in our drive up units.  The drive-up option includes 10×15, 10×20 and 10×30 units that offer customers their own personal storage unit.  These vehicles are safe from theft and are protected from winds, salt and sun damage.  Our larger units from 15×50 to 22×78 can accommodate multiple toys in your own private space!


The valet storage option offers a convenient alternative for customers who do not want the stress of maneuvering their RV or boat trailer prior to early morning departures or late night returns.  Our staging area provides a convenient drop off location inside our secure facility that is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (via a gate code). Just call ahead and our valet attendant will place your RV, boat, or vehicle in our secure staging area, ready for pickup.

How Valet Works

      •   Call at least 24 hours in advance to request a staging (Requests less than 24 hours will incur a $25 charge).
      •   Our valet attendant will move your RV, boat, trailer or vehicle to a secure staging area.
      •   You pick up your RV, boat, trailer or vehicle from the staging area (accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
      •   You return your RV, boat, trailer or vehicle back to the staging area (accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
      •   Our valet attendant will return your RV, boat, trailer or vehicle back to its indoor or outdoor space.

Customers can choose the storage option that best meets their needs!

Special Services for Valet Customers

StorHouse offers the following services for our valet customers:

      • Fueling service
      • Maintenance & repairs (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) 
      • Oil changes
      • Oil check
      • Water check

A free dump station is offered to both drive-up and valet customers.  Dumping services are offered for a fee.

Please ask our valet attendant for pricing on special services.

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